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March 13th, 2006, 7:17 am

The nature of the comic was... Imperceptible!

Born from an idea on a mountain top, the punkiest idea to ever get round our complete lack of artistic ability...

To counteract the impending hate for our "artwork", let us first say that we are in awe of anyone who can draw. You guys rock. We've seen some very funny, well drawn comics and you have our respect. Mike even read Megatokyo once, and although he didn't understand what on earth was going on, he liked the pretty pictures very much. We, on the other hand, have no artistic ability at all. Whatsoever. None. Zero, zip, diddley, ziltch, nada. But we can write pretty funny (to us and our test audience) gags that span about 4 frames of a comic, but don't really suit any other medium. The ones we've got have made us, our friends and complete strangers laugh. We like the complete strangers laughing part. They're completely objective and if it wasn't funny, they wouldn't do the laughing thing. We like laughing.

So the "art" in our comics is somewhat unique.* Its very minimal and allows us to concentrate on writing half-funny jokes while still conveying mood and reactions between characters. We can't draw for toffee anyway, even if we liked toffee.

As we said way up there at the beginning of this post, we do have a lot of respect for people who can produce the characters and artwork we've seen in so many comics. We're not here to undermine that or make fun of that with our barely minimal artwork.

We're here to try and make you laugh. Or grin. Or smile halfheartedly.

Hope you enjoy... The Imperceptibles!

Mike and Sarah

* We're well aware that "unique" is an absolute term. Thanks for caring though!

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